Site speed is everything!

Speeding up your site is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your site, and yes! Site speed influences SEO! In many ways actually.  Here’s a small overview of how site speed and SEO go together.

Everything starts with speed

You’re a new business or an established company that just went through a rebrand. You put in a lot of effort to make sure that your site’s functionality works well, it has a great structure and includes fabulous targeted and relevant content. But that is not the first impression your visitor/lead or customer gets. They first have to load your site before they can access it.  If it takes forever to load, there will be a significant drop-off rate, and a lot fewer people will visit your site.

A much faster competitor is just a click away. Not investing in a fast site is almost like you don’t care about your customers. They have no reason to stay and fight through your content. It’s frustrating and people have little patience for that.

On mobile, site speed is even more of an issue. According to research by Google, the average mobile site takes over fifteen seconds to load while people expect them to load in less than three seconds before they consider leaving altogether. Every second counts as conversions drop sharply with every second longer your site takes to load.

With that said, what are some reasons to improve the loading speed of your site?

  • Site speed is a ranking factor

  • Fast sites are easier to crawl

  • Fast loading sites have higher conversion rates

  • Fast sites reduce bounce rates

  • Fast sites improve general user experiences (less stress!)

It all boils down to this: improve your site speed if you want happy customers and happy search engines! – Also, you’re optimizing your images, right? You should be! 😊