Without sales, your business will not run, but… Are you sacrificing the rest of your business for the sale?

Focusing so intently on getting the sale, at any cost, is putting the most valuable assets of your business at risk – your people and the culture in which you thrive.

Operating in a situation where you are slaving after sales at the expense of your business culture is not a successful way to manage your internal business. Your team will likely feel micromanaged, small, unwilling to speak up or take initiative, and most important will not get behind your growth. If you want to create a business where your team is your strongest ambassadors, go-getters, and initiative takers, then you need to ask yourself:

  1. Am I creating the environment that my people feel happy, proud, and committed to our cause and want to help the business succeed?

  2. Am I available for mentorship?

  3. Am I giving them the skills, training, motivation, leadership, and brainpower they need to be successful?

Growing a successful brand or business means looking at the whole of its parts and investing in ALL of it. If not, you will surely miss out on the crucial components that can turn your brand or business from good to great!